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Top 40 Sounds & Drum Kits

by Jay Stilla

$4.99 / On Sale

Produce & Compose Hit Music! With Quality Pre Mastered Sounds. Each Sample Designed For Performance
This is a Must Have For Any Producer Serious About their Music. These Sounds Are Completely Brand New & Never Heard Quality Samples. Low Noise Reduction (LA2A Limited & Avalon Compressed For Consistency. This Advance Package is One of a Kind. Each Sound Hand Crafted and Designed For Optimal Performance. No Need To Master Your Beat, We've Taken care of the time consuming task and Opened up More time for you to do what you do best and Produce and Compose Hit Music. Period One Records Producer Jay Stilla Has Developed an Exclusive Package of Hand Pick Quality Instruments. Each Sound Tested to Algorithmic Perfection & For A Limited Time Only They'll Be On Sale For an Amazing a Flat Price of 4.99 Digital Download Delivered To Your Computer Instantly (Recommended) or 8.99 + Shipping & Handling (only for those who choose to order the Physical Packaged Software) Your One Click Away From Opening The Sounds you have always dreamed of having. You'l Never Need Another Sound Package with Over 1500 Solid State Logic Rendered Performance Enhanced Audio Files & Formats,... we Can on and on but why hold you up from the best purchase you've ever made. These
100% Mastered Transient Leveled Sounds Professionally Optimized For Remarkable Quality, PROFESSIONAL QUALITY PRE-MASTERED SOUND & DRUM SAMPLES. ©2014-2015 Jay Stilla Productions LLC & Period One Records INC.

Jay Stilla Ultimate Kick Package
Jay Stilla Advanced Drum Loop Package
Jay Stilla Orchestra in a Box
Jay Stilla Rex Files
Jay Stilla Kontack Files
Jay Stilla NNXT-Sampler Hi Quality Samples
Jay Stilla Reason Combinator Deluxe Patches

and Tons Of Bonuses

The folder Structure for Rex files on the J.S Beat Box Kit is fully compatible with stylus RMX.

Esure you have the latest version of stylus rmx and the Sage converter.

To Import


Simply drag the folder located in the 'REX LOOPS' Folder onto the "Import Rex Files" button on your sage converter found in the Spectrasonics folder.
Wait for the sage converter to finish.

To Play

Open up an instance of RMX within your sequencer
On the directory select user "libraries" You should now see all the suites and elements in the browser.


Jay Stilla